Brent DeRaad,

President & CEO, Visit Tucson

“Big, outstanding travel marketing ideas and the ability to implement them.That’s what Allison Schult and Mile Marker 630 bring to your business. Allison is now aligning destinations with top consumer brands to generate more customers and dollars for all of us. She sees possibilities that most of us miss and possesses the vision and drive to connect like-minded brands and destinations.”


Jill Harlow, Director of Brand & Marketing, Miraval

“When Miraval aligns with other brands, it’s critical that these partnerships both reflect and support Miraval’s values. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Allison on a number of co-branded marketing campaigns, and in every instance, she has upheld the integrity of our brand in ideation and execution. Not only is Mile Marker 630 creating uncontested market space for brands, Allison is doing so in a way that is authentic and relevant.” 


J. William Seccombe President, Connect Travel

The biggest threat to tourism marketers today is the status quo. Allison Schult is a visionary tourism marketing strategist, and Mile Marker 630 really helps DMOs and travel suppliers open new channels and brand partnerships to engage consumers and drive real impact."


Edward St.Onge,

President of Global Sales,


“Allison is an innovative thinker, who is capable of executing a complex vision that adds value for all involved. I highly recommend working with her.”


William Shockley, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

“Electric, enthusiastic and possessing a creative energy that is infectious — that is who Allison is and what she brings to every project. Since our first meeting on location for  ‘Like a Cowboy’, our collaboration over the past five years has taken us on many profitable, joyful journeys in film and music. She is a masterful collaborator, marketer and producer. I’m excited to be conspiring again with Allison to create meaningful art. Partnering with Mile Marker 630 creates the winning combination for Team Two Entertainment and Shockley & Fields.”